Corkcicle | Stemless | Rose' Metallic

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What We Say:  Corkcicle's unique vision for hand held frosty beverage containment is simply awesome!  The Stemless allows you to enjoy your favorite grape based fermented drink without the fear of spilling, staining or otherwise making a mess!

What Corkcicle Says: 

Never lose your cool.

 This is the last can cooler you will ever need. Arctican keeps cold cans cold for up to 3 hours. Simply freeze the cooling core base, twist it on, drop in a cold beverage and enjoy ice cold drinks for up to three hours.

 •   3x colder, 3x longer than the average foam can cooler

•   Fits most 12 ounce aluminum cans and standard bottles
•   Keeps your hand from getting cold
•   Double walled stainless steel
•   Vacuum sealed