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Connelly | Cadet 45" Childs Trainer Waterskis | 2019

CONNELLY | Cadet 45" Childs Trainer Waterskis

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Our Performance Guarantee

Within 14 days of purchase, if you are not happy with your Cadet 45" Childs Trainer Waterskis, please give our staff a call and we will find the right gear to get you back on the water or on the go.

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About the Cadet 45" Childs Trainer Waterskis

The Cadet trainers are set up for a successful learning experience. A removable stabilizer bar system keeps the front and back of the skis in place, and is attached to the rope to take some load off of the child. The two handle Cadet rope lets an adult safely control the pull from the boat as well as drop the handle in case of a fall.
Reinforced composite construction
C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System)
High gloss UV coat
Removable stabilizer bar with rear strap
Cadet rope with boat-side safety handle

Size | Skier Weight | Foot Size
2 x 45‚ / 115 cm | Up to 80lbs | 1-4