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GT-R Waterski | 2020
GT-R Waterski | 2020
GT-R Waterski | 2020

CONNELLY | GT-R Waterski | 2020


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About the GT-R Waterski | 2020

What We Say:

Grip & Rip!! The GTR offers grip and control thru the turn, while creating lift and speed across the wake. Such a unique blend!!! Try one for yourself!!!

What Connelly Says:

We've designed the GT-R to play to the strengths of both old school and new school skiing styles. Coming into the buoy the tail of the ski rides deep through the turn, carrying lots of speed with tremendous grip. Coming out of the turn the geometries in the ski help bring the tail up higher in the water to ease the load from the rope as you prepare to accelerate across the wake. Chasing buoys at the highest level requires a finely tuned swerve stick that reacts in all the right places, which is why the GT-R is the ultimate slalom weapon. Ready to rip?
  • Low density, CNC cut PVC core
  • 90/10 carbon/fiberglass layup
  • C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
  • Hybrid base - polished tip, micro-textured tail
  • Speed V-Tech
  • Wide tunnel
  • Variable bevel
  • Lifetime warranty