Connelly | Jet Wakesurf Board | 2020
Connelly | Jet Wakesurf Board | 2020
Connelly | Jet Wakesurf Board | 2020

Connelly | Jet Wakesurf Board | 2020

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Our Performance Guarantee

Within 14 days of purchase, if you are not happy with your Connelly | Jet Wakesurf Board | 2020, please give our staff a call and we will find the right gear to get you back on the water or on the go.

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About the Connelly | Jet Wakesurf Board | 2020

What We Say:

A fresh new design for 2020!  We excited to ride this one!  More feedback once we take it for a rip.

What Connelly Says:

By far the most aggressive bottom shaping we’ve ever used on a surfer. The result is one of the most dynamic rides ever made that’s free and maneuverable at the top of the wave and has rocket boosting speed on bottom turns. The twin fin setup minimizes drag for chasing the pocket and breaks free off the lip for when your friends are filming you for the ‘gram. An aggressive wing feature off the rail breaks the flow of water in the tail for lightning fast maneuverability.



  • Surf design
  • Epoxy construction
  • EPS foam core w/5mm stringer
  • Unidirectional carbon flex control
  • 3k carbon 0˚, +/- 45˚ Innegra™ fiber
  • Quad channel shaped base
  • Twin FCS II 3.1” fins
  • Designed for: Advanced/Expert


SIZE         WIDTH                   VOLUME                ROCKER HEIGHT                   RIDER WEIGHT

4' 7"        20.60”                    16.20 L                   2.70"/0.30"                           < 200 lbs

4' 10"     20.80”                    17.30 L                   2.70"/0.30"                           > 180 lbs