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Lyric Waterski with Double Lyric BOA Bindings

RADAR | Lyric Waterski with Double Lyric BOA Bindings


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About the Lyric Waterski with Double Lyric BOA Bindings

What Radar Says:

2021 Lyric

Skiers have come to know that a Lyric is a lady’s best friend. The Lyric is a level riding, auto-turning, smooth ski, designed to carry speed and make skiing effortless. By taking our Vapor and adding two tenths of an inch we are able to create a high-performance ski with more balance and support.

 he Lyric is engineered specifically for the first lady of the water. We utilize a lighter weight carbon on the inside making the finished product softer and easier to turn.  Ladies - rip on the Lyric between 26-34 MPH and have fun making effortless turns.

All-Terrain Core – Most forgiving construction.

100% Carbon Fiber - Consistent flex every time.

CorFlex - Optimizing the flex in your ski’s turning.

NFC Enabled - Information delivered simply.

 Terrain – Crossover

 Recommended Speed Range – 26-34 MPH / 43-55 KPH


Sizes – 65” / 67”


Recommended Weight Range –

65” – 120 – 160 lbs / 54 – 73 kg

67” – 140 – 180 lbs / 63 – 82 kg


Surface Area –

65” – 356.58 SQ”

67” – 378.86 SQ”


Max Width –

65” – 6.91”

67” – 7.12”