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Vapor Barlock Custom 13" Handle

RADAR | Vapor Barlock Custom 13" Handle

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Within 14 days of purchase, if you are not happy with your Vapor Barlock Custom 13" Handle, please give our staff a call and we will find the right gear to get you back on the water or on the go.

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About the Vapor Barlock Custom 13" Handle

The grippiest handle we make tied to ensure it never rolls on you, the Vapor BarLock is the pinnacle in our line.

  • 12‚Äù Length ‚Äì Black/White
  • 13‚Äù Length ‚Äì Black/Silver
  • Three Diameters- .940‚Äù, 1.062‚Äù, 1.10‚Äù
  • Pre-Stretched
  • BarLock Rubberized End Cap