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Hoverglide FWake Package | 2021
Hoverglide FWake Package | 2021
Hoverglide FWake Package | 2021
Hoverglide FWake Package | 2021

SLINGSHOT | Hoverglide FWake Package | 2021


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About the Hoverglide FWake Package | 2021

What We Say:  If you havent tried foiling yet, YOU HAVE TO!!!  A new way to ride the lake! Foiling will challenge our wakeboarding and surfing skills and leave you wanting more!!! So much fun and easy to learn!!!

What Slingshot Says:

The Hover Glide Foil Wake V3 Package is the ultimate package for learning to foil. The package pairs our WF-2 board which has a fully wrapped EVA deck and Slingshot’s award winning Hover Glide FWAKE hydrofoil equipped with a Gamma 68cm front wing and 61cm mast. A front half strap is also included and will make connecting to the board for deepwater starts simple and easy! The WF2 quickly takes riders from wakesurfing, to “wakesurfing 2.0” in a matter of a few short sessions. Unlock your surfing potential 2-3 waves back and turn any body of water into a sheet of glass - That’s the power of the Hover Glide Foil Wake V3 package, brought to you by the #1 producer of hydrofoils worldwide!

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Package Includes:

WF-2 Foil Board, Hover Glide FWAKE Complete Foil, 61cm Mast, Gamma 68cm Front Wing, 42cm Rear Stabilizer Wing, Front Half Strap, Foil Travel Case and Neoprene Wing Covers