Ronix | RXT Wakeboard | 2019

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If you've ever found yourself wondering 'What's next for wakeboarding...."  This is IT!  The RXT is here to take you to the level.  Built on a foundation of forward thinking, spare no expense, and out of the box ideas; the RXT uses material never before seen in wakeboard - best described by Ronix as 'Just Trust Us Technologies"  complimented with easily ridden, smooth operating shape - the RXT is waiting to help you change the way you ride a wakeboard.


What Ronix Says:



We can honestly say the RXT checks every box a high-end rider is looking for with the most feedback and control ever created. Our fastest shape was designed by our R&D team over a 3-year period and is endorsed by Massi. The smoothest shape in wakeboarding built with our most advanced components. We are always trying to push the boundary of lighter, faster, stronger in boat boards - this year’s RXT construction will make anybody re-evaluate what is possible on their board. The world of wakeboarding is about to change again - by the people that brought you the original wakeboard.

- Continuous Rocker

• Black Out Tech Core

• 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & 4 Fiberglass .8” Free Agent Fins

• Massi Pro Model