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The WakeSurf Shaper revolutionized the surf game by allowing just about any boat to be surf ready.  With the introduction of  XL WakeSurf Shaper, the bar was raised.  the larger size of the XL WSS is capable of moving and affecting the flow of more water, further improving your surf wake.  There is some debate about using velcro vs. suction cups - bottom line: Velcro is a more versatile attachment system, and can fit boats with the most complicated hull styling.  The shim's included with the WSS make for a most unique attachment design.

We recommend this for any boat, but certainly makes a bigger difference on boats 21 feet and larger.  




Last year we came out with our revolutionary Wakesurf Shaper. A great way to convert many boat models into the world of wakesurfing and easily adjust on the fly for both goofy or regular foot surfers. We took our best selling Eight.3 product and gave the shape a major overhaul - along with adding a larger size for the biggest/cleanest wave we have ever tested.




Whoever came up with the phrase less is more hasn’t used our new XL product. The biggest/cleanest wake regardless of the size of your boat. If your boat has enough room to apply the 19.5” long running surface using our shims - there is no reason to not use an XL version.


XL Size Dimensions

19.5” - Boat Surface Length

26” - Water Surface Length

12.5” - Height

9” – Depth



The change - we added a concave thru the center with a greater, more defined leading edge.

The result - more effective job of diverting a column of water creating less drag on the boat with improved fuel efficiency than last year’s model. Designed for the surfer that wants the biggest inboard swell.