Ronix | Weekend Wakeboard with Anthem Binding | 2019

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What We Say:  A consistent board from tip to tail.  Consistent approach to the wake.  Consistent pop off the wake. Consistent & predictable landings.  Who couldn't benefit from a little consistency...  and did i mention.... Being built from the same molds as the Darkside, IT GOES BIG!

What Ronix Says:

Like the 3-stage rocker amplitude storyline of the Darkside, but would rather have a stripped down all-foam alternative? We proudly present the new Weekend, a lighter, more traditional feel and snap off the wake at a more affordable value. Sits deeper on edge, for a more stable connection between rider, board, and the waterline.

• Increased Sidecut

• G&R Technology

• Concave Bottom

• Variable Rail

• 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins