Flyweight Pro  - MOD 84 Foil Board | 2024

Ronix | Flyweight Pro - MOD 84 Foil Board | 2024

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About the Flyweight Pro - MOD 84 Foil Board | 2024

A lightweight reactive new shape that drives with more forward momentum. Tighter turns, and longer travels.

Pendulum – Suspended from a fixed point so that it can swing freely backward and forward. The Flyweight Pro is based on a new style of board designs where the rider shifts their weight farther forward and the profile of the board allows the rider to pump with more forward momentum. Created with a thicker profile with a deep V running through the middle, and an exaggerated bevel on the outside pushing the water away as soon as the board touches down. The result is a board that will allow you to rise and begin your forward momentum even after catching the surface of the water. A faster, lighter board that will turn with more attack angle.


A lighter is better mindset mixed with carbon stringers for added snap. Our lightest core makes swing weights thing of the past, with carbon through the tail for added durability and added power on every pump.


about why we took our time creating a line of foil products – let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Our journey in flight started out MODifiying foils in the summer of 1984 on the Colorado River. It was such a wild experience with speeds as slow as 5mph but the exhilaration as if we were going 25mph. We used foils on kneeboards, wakeboards and even combo skis – yeah true story - we flew on 2 skis (it was pretty sketchy). Mike, Herb and the rest of our crew had some amazing experiences riding all things levitation which led to us making the original Air Chair many moons ago. Foiling never left us – for the past four decades - levitation has been in our DNA as enthusiasts and as creators.

Benefits of a 3’9 length

    • The most amount of lift
    • Quicker response
    • More attack angle in your cutbacks
    • More power in your pumping

Benefits of a 4’2 length.

  • Easier deep water starts – if you are new to foiling in addition to a shorter mast and a balance front wing this 4’8 length will help with your learning curve to foiling
  • More control, stability, and comfort in rougher water conditions