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Pill Wakeboard | 2022
Pill Wakeboard | 2022

SLINGSHOT | Pill Wakeboard | 2022

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About the Pill Wakeboard | 2022

What SlingShot Says:

Our hard charging - boat exclusive - carbon construction model built for those who hit the wake with intent! Get ready to boost higher and feel the energy of the board as it comes to life beneath your feet! The 2022 Pill is 100% carbon wrapped from tip to tail on top and bottom, with an additional surface layer of 12K carbon—the lightest and stiffest variant of the carbon family—throughout the belly. The purpose of all this? To create the most explosive pop imaginable for advanced boat riding styles. The belly of the Pill is the most rigid we've ever created which means when you hit the wake with speed, the pop is immediate with no energy wasted. Carrying speed into the flats has never been easier than with the 2022 Pill, and when it comes time to touch down the V-shaped spine helps to disperse water and soften landings without sacrificing speed. It's fast and free overall with the perfect amount of grip when you need it most.


We built the Pill for wake exclusive riding styles. It's made to be hard hitting and fast acting to keep up with the best of boat riders.


  • You'll love the Pill because it can be ridden as gracefully or aggressive as you'd like.
  • It's the perfect balance of traction and speed when you need it without ever making the rider feel as though they are too locked in or "stuck on train tracks".
  • It offers grip and stability while on edge without sacrificing speed.